Nov 07, 2014 Boxino XBMC/KODI Demo Apps

Boxino XBMC/KODI Demo Apps

Hello Community, so for you we decided to made a free apps, install it on your KODI and you are ready to receive an every day new iptv channels from all over the www .

Code are open source, free to share and edit you can participate on Github:

1. Recent Channels: All channels that are not yet tested.
2. Working Channels: tested by other users and confirmed to be working.
3. Not working channels: if it's not working for someone doesn't mean it won't work for you!
4. All Channels

1. Register:

2. Download zip from github (

3. Install using option (install from zip file) in your xbmc/kodi.

4. Go back to Video Add-ons -> Boxino Demo -> Settings :

4.1 server: ""

4.2 Username: "Your_Username"

4.3 Password: "Your_Password"

4.4 Check for updates: Enabled

5. Enjoy every day update!

Note that all channels are scraped from internet and do not have any control on it.


Anonym 1 ago
I just got my access yesterday and it is truly just wow,, im very happy with the product, thanks again